Highland Township, Michigan
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Worst Experience ever.. Do not build with lombardo homes. All it is excuse after excuse, we will tell you what you want to hear to make the buck. We purchased our home in June 2013. We were supposed to have completion date of November 2013. We didn't move in until February 2014. Lie after lie, missed deadline after missed deadline. They literally ruined my home building experience. Things installed wrong, things you pay upgrade fee for, they still install low grade items. Damaged items just "covered up"...

I didn't even live in my house 20 days before the family room ceiling came down in my living room due to the master shower leaking. Was told by their own trades that it was leaking from the time it was installed and had been leaking for the whole 20 day period.

Our salesperson is a weasel, and a liar. Says he never said things he indeed did say. Work not completed. It's april and they are saying July before final grades because of frost laws which is inaccurate information. There is no reason why they cannot be grading right now.. cement is understandable.. but the grading it's just an excuse.

The construction manager is a liar, doesn't do his job, our yard was left with piles and piles of garbage. He could care less about quality or cleanliness.. he likes to lie his way out of every situation and talk in circles.

Now that we have moved in.... The trades that are working on the lot next door... were throwing their trash everywhere.. and I mean everywhere.. the street, the lawn, even on our "lawn". They show up to do work (first the insulation guys, then the concrete guys) They pull up with their mcdonalds breakfast bags and other bottles of stuff.. finish drinking it or eating it and then toss it all over the yard.. our "yard". Which then my dogs want to go through our electric fence to get the containers that are blowing everywhere.. the dogs keep getting zapped and its because the trades next door just throw whatever they want where ever they want. Not to mention the yard is just covered in garbage. They are forgetting that people live in all the houses surrounding the area they are working in and it looks.

There's pop bottles, cigarette buds, bricks, wood, siding, nails, drywall, just garbage ALL OVER. The dogs have had to go to the vet from stepping on stuff in the yard. It's crazy how careless the preliminary cleanup was prior to us moving in. I understand there was snow.. but the garbage and rubble is just piling up. If they cleaned as they went, it was way before the snow flew. There should not be huge piles of bricks and *** left over when your trades are done. It is now costing us money and time to try to get it all cleaned up because of the lack of care prior to us taking ownership.

They don't care about their customers, they don't care about following through with quality work, they promise rainbows and butterflies and you get dirt, garbage, and false hope. It was the worst experience of my life. oh and the home warranty offered for 30 day walk is a joke.. unless it's electrical, gas, or water related.. you're screwed.

I would sell this home tomorrow if i hadn't waited so long to get it.. or if i could because my spring work was done. I'm posting photos of all the trash and damages.

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Do not buy from Lombardo as Prohome is not an authorized company to sell Home Warranties. Investigate and research and use the Secretary of the State of look up Pro Home LLC and they are home inspection company not a warranty company. This is misleading and fraud.


Isn't it amazing how you're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and they always say its you're fault as the customer. Lol. More truckloads of fertilizer placed in key places would probably change that.

Rochester, Michigan, United States #947578

One word: HORRIBLE!

From the sales staff to the finished product.

Everything is an 'option' and even when you spend over $100,000 in 'options' the common response ' is it on the PO?' When you're spending a lot of money for a home, you'd expect to see things done right...unfortunately this is far from the case.

The general 'take it or leave it' is very poor customer service, especially when your being gouged for everything. Clearly, this is not a builder to try and build your 'dream' home....If you're smart.....go with another builder!!!?


General contractors sub contract out the services to whomever is available for the price there paying. Are you surprised?

What do you usually get when you go to a discount store? Not high quality.

As the customer, you had the right, if not responsibility, to inspect regularly to make sure what your paying for is what your getting, and, is being done the way it's suppose to be.

You could have spent a few hundred more dollars and hired an inspector yourself to protect your investment.

to Mike_mn #809619

As far as the trash being thrown around, I would have first spoken to the builder to insist they clean it up immediately, then called the police if they resisted. They probably would have been fined.

to Mike_mn #1097435

The builder and police were called

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